Start SFR30 Fluor powder

SFR30 – Fluor powder, especially suitable for new snow, and snowing conditions, when humidity is >75%


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Waxing with powder

Finishing process in glide waxing has a great significance in achieving the optimal glide. Glide waxes alone can not create soft enough and moisture repellent surface in wet conditions. Therefore a ski base with glide wax should be coated with a surface wax that serves the purpose in order to significantly improve glide. 
Start fluor powders SFR30, SFR75, SF10, fluor molybdenum powder BM7, polymer fluor powders PF550 and PF750 are coating waxes which lowers the surface tension which minimizes the liquid friction (suction) between snow and base. 

Fluor powdering is applied by using either hot or cold application techniques depending on the duration of the performance. 

Hot application 

1. Spread the powder evenly (PF550 and PF750 more heavily) on to a pre prepared base surface. 

2. Melt the powder with a waxing iron +130°C (Note! PF550 and PF750 +150°C), until the wax forms into a smooth layer on the surface of the base. 

3. Let it cool down completely and scrape off lightly the excess wax and then brush off with a nylon brush and with a finishing brush. 

Polymer fluor powders require a very high melting temperature (+150°C). Because of this high melting temperature, polymer fluor powders need to be spread onto the base more heavily than other powders. 

Cold application 

1. Spread the powder evenly on to a pre prepared base surface. 

2. Adhere the powder to the base by rubbing with a natural cork and brush with a finishing brush. 

The powder stays on the base for a short performance when applied cold and is therefore best suitable for short distance skiing. 

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