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Start Universal MF

Universal Medium Fluor glider


All Temp LF Universal – low fluorinated glider suitable for all temperatures. Available singularly or in 900g bulk packages.

10°...-30°C (50°...-22°F)
120°C (248°F)
60g / 120g
60g - 02830 / 180g - 03582
All temp.

Waxing info

Glide waxing

Select your actual glide wax according to the condition. Define the condition as precisely as possible and then choose the right wax. If no coating is needed, glide waxing remains as the surface of the base. 

1. Melt the selected wax onto the base and let it absorb well. Be aware not to use too hot iron. When melting the wax, make sure no smoke comes out. 

2. Scrape off the excess wax with a sharp acryl scraper. Scrape off immediately still warm excess wax when using extremely hard waxes as SGG graphite, SG6 blue, SG8 green, LF08 green and BM6 Black Magic green. Let softer waxes cool down for about 5 minutes before scraping. 

3. Lastly brush the base with a brass brush until the base structure becomes visible or polish with a polishing fibre.

Start Universal MF

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