Waxing reports


Vasaloppet 90km Cl 04.03.2012


Sälen -9 Mora +1°C


Sälen -8 Mora 0°C



Temperature in Sälen -9 at the starting time. warming yp to +1 in the afternoon in Mora. Snow will be old coarse grained on the track!


Glide waxing

Hobbyist waxing info

  • Glider: LF07 or BWLF low fluor glider

Professional waxing info

  • Base: LF08 low fluor glider
  • Glider: HF70 high fluor glider or N6 nano glider
  • Top: SFR60 or SF30 fluor powder. You can also use N7 nanoglider

Use high temperature (up to 180C) to iron the powder. Let cool and loose the powder gently with brush and iron again moving the iron fast on the top of the base! Scrape, brush and polish well!

Kick waxing

Hobbyist waxing info

  • Glider: Start Grip Tape Original
  • Top: Start Universal Minus or Start Tasr Five (-2...-7C) kick wax two layers thinly on the top of the Grip Tape. Smoothen gently with Cork!

Professional waxing info

  • Base: Start base Wax Extra thin layer ironed
  • Glider: Thin layer od special klister (+2...-2) on teh base 5 cm shorter from tahn normal waxing marks are. 2 layers of Synthetic Purple (+1...-3C) on the top of the klister.Iron them together, let cool down!
  • Top: Cover with 2 layers of RF Blue (-4....-10C) and smoothen gently with cork.