11.04.2019 15:57:52

13.4.2019 Skiclassics Ylläs -Levi 70 km

Ilma: -6....+2°C Lumi: -6....0°C Ilmankosteus: 70...80%

Cold night in Ylläs, temperature -7...-5, warming up to -4 for the start.

Warming up during the race to +2 in the air in Levi. Snow is keeping colder than air.


Harrastelijan voitelu

Alusvoitelu: Start AllTemp MF Glider

Melt the glider with iron onto the base, let cool down, scrape, brush and polish well.

Kilpahiihtäjän voitelu

Alusvoitelu: Start HFxt Green (-10...-25C) Glider

Kelivoitelu: Start HFxt Purple (-2...-8C) Glider or FHF4 (-1...-4C9 Glider

Pintavoitelu: Start FHF7 (-1...-5C) or HF7 (-2...-7C) powder

Iron the gliders step by step, let cool down scrape and brush well.

Aply the powder onto the glide zones, use hot iron to melt the powder.

After powder has cooled down use roto-cork to cork the powder.

After corking scrape, brush and polish well.


Harrastelijan voitelu

Alusvoitelu: Start Grip tape original (+5...-20)

Clean the kick zone well with wax remover.

Apply the Grip tape 5 cm shorter from both ends of grip zone. Use Grip Tape box to

push the tape firmly onto the base. Remove protective papers and check that tape sith tightly

on the base. If needed push loose paces on the base.

Kilpahiihtäjän voitelu

Alusvoitelu: Start Base Wax Extra

Kelivoitelu: Start Purple Synthetick kick (+1...-3C)

Pintavoitelu: Start Universal Klister (+10...-5C) or Start FHF50 Klister (+10..-5C)

Apply thin layer of Base Wax Extra on the grip zone.

Smoothen with cork and iron if needed ( stays better with ironing)

Apply good layer of Synthetic Purple kick wax onto the grip zone.

After this apply Universal Klister or FHF50 klister on the gripzone and mix with Purple kick wax.

(can be ironed which helps mixing). If neccessary you can cover this mixing with FHF60 (-1...-5C) kick

wax outside fro cold can to cold ski to get faster kick.